“Time flies when you’re having fun.” “There’s no time like the present.” “Enjoy it now, it goes so fast.”
Why is it so there are so many clichés that revolve around time and just how fast it is passing us by?
Why? Because truly things change “in the blink of an eye.”
I’m Craig Lee, founder of Craig Lee Studios. As a husband, a father, a brother, a son and a friend,  I have found myself saying: “I wish I could make time stop. Just for one moment.”
Certainly you, too, have found yourself wishing time would slow down.
Unfortunately, we realize we can’t actually stop the hands of time. However, what we can do is pause those moment. Capture them. Forever. So they’re never forgotten. That’s what I do. That’s my passion. Stopping time for just a brief moment and capturing it as a keepsake and a piece of art. Forever.
Photographs tell a life story. Your story. As a professional photographer I believe in the power of the printed photograph. Today’s technology allows us to all take great shots. But what good are they doing just sitting on your phone or your hard drive?
Photos are meant to be seen. So, whether it’s taped to the refrigerator door or it’s the centerpiece of the room where you’re creating new memories, let me help you keep them visible – front and center.
I will work with you to capture those special moments in time – no matter what they may be for you and your family.

My Style

I take my art seriously, but you’ll find that I’m incredibly laid back and fun. So relax. Take a look around. Do you like what you see? How can we work together to freeze the spirit of the life you are living?
We can’t stop time, no matter how much we wish we could. But let’s pause, for just a moment, and create something – together – that can be cherished for the months, years and generations to come.


When I first thought of taking my Senior pictures there was no question on who I wanted to take them. I wanted my pictures to be unique and original, just like me and the only way to do that was to have Craig Lee take them.

Makayla, Huron High School

My decision to go to Craig Lee was easy. I knew he would have great ideas and all kinds of fun poses but he greatly exceeded my expectations in the best ways possible. I would recommend Craig to anyone.

Lanah, Huron High School

I’ve know that I wanted Craig Lee to do my senior pictures since he first did some of my dance pictures. As expected my session was perfect! Craig has a way of making you feel comfortable and getting the perfect shot at the same time! I would recommend Craig Lee Studios to anyone!

Kami Marshall, Marshall MN High School

Working with Craig is never a disappointment. He always has unique ideas and works hard to be sure you’re happy with the outcome. I recommend Craig Lee Studios to anybody looking for quality pictures.

Jordan, Huron High School

I am a huge fan of the outdoors and absolutely loved some pieces I had seen from him, with nature as a beautiful background. I was a little on the nervous side for my session, but that quickly faded away. Craig was amazing to work with, within minutes he made me feel comfortable as ever in front of the camera.

Jacey, Huron High School

Craig Lee went above and beyond my expectations during my shoot and made the experience relaxed and  actually enjoyable. I recommend him to anyone who wants their interests and personality showcased in cool, unique way.

Garrett, Woonsocket High School

For years I have watched friends go to Craig Lee Studios for their senior pictures and have loved their amazing one of a kind photos, so when it was my turn the obvious choice for me was Craig Lee! I was quite nervous about having someone take pictures of me and having me pose for different pictures, but Craig made it all so much fun. He has a great sense of humor, and great hair!

Emma, Huron High School

I love being in front of a camera and Craig took that up a notch. He made it so comfortable and fun. I watched all my older friends get their senior pictures done and I wanted mine to be original! I gave him my ideas and he made them even better than I could imagine. It was a great experience and I couldn’t imagine taking my pictures anywhere else.

Emily, Huron High School