Project Beauty was started by my friend and fellow photographer Thomas Nguyen. As a photographer who takes pictures of many Seniors in high school, it has always bothered me that some of the girls that I photograph are quick to put themselves down. Talking this over with other photographers from across America, they have noticed an obvious trend whereby teens are constantly comparing themselves to others and never feel “worthy” or “enough”.  Most of this trend is sustained because of social media. Project Beauty is meant to create awareness and confidence in young females without hiding behind makeup or filters.

We want to make a difference and help empower youth to see beyond the surface. I want my clients to feel confident, beautiful and have a fun day of pampering.  Project Beauty is a different perspective and takes on the element of seeing yourself, without all the glam.  It’s a movement to show that you aren’t afraid to hide behind a filter or makeup and to show your true self.  You can be confident and celebrate who you are! We asked the girls of Project Beauty a series of questions, their answers are insightful.

What characteristics or traits do you think make you beautiful?

My bright blue eyes, my positive attitude, my uplifting personality- Kaylee

My hair and my eyes- Bella

My hair and my determination- I never quit, even when I want to – Giyahna

My self confidence and how I treat people- Kenedee

I like that I’m thoughtful, caring, kind and happy- Cailey

Confidence- Zoe

What makes others beautiful?

Personality, their love for life and how they help others – Paycee

I believe it’s who they are on the inside not the outside. Kindness shows who you are and that’s a great trait to have. – Alyssa

Being genuine, humble, care free and confident – Mya

I think it is beautiful when someone finds their gift in life and use it for a greater good. – Delaney

Physical features and other characteristics like being kind. – Atora

Tell me a time when someone made you feel bad about your appearance.

Social media has a big impact on me being insecure about my appearance. Influencers and models on social media have caused this for me. – Kamden

At school this girl kept telling me how bad I looked, she does that to everyone, but some of the things she said stuck with me – Breana

Last year a few of the boys from my school told me that my legs were too big.- Kaydence

I was bullied a lot through middle school about my smile or my appearance in general and this hurt my self- esteem drastically. For a while I stopped smiling with my teeth because of how embarrassed I was of it. – Anni

What kind of things do you think girls in your generation struggle with when it comes to feeling beautiful?

We have social media that makes girls think they have to look a certain way to be beautiful. So if a girl is’t what society tells her to be she doesn’t see herself as beautiful. – Shealay

I think girls in my generation struggle with feeling beautiful because the beauty standard is so high and there is always someone that they want to look like. They think that because they don’t look like them it means that they are not beautiful. – Kristina

Girls in this generation are always being compared to other girls who are said to be prettier than them. I also think that society had made women feel that they have to look a certain way to be considered attractive. – Lexy

It is not fair to objectify women over beauty. Everyone is different in their own way and we should accept that. I think that girls in my generation struggle with feeling beautiful because there are so many girls that we compare ourselves to like “Instagram models” or girls on TikTok. We all want to be like them because they are beautiful and famous and everyone likes them, we get self-conscious when boys say “OMG- they are so hot” We want to become like them so that boys will like us and say stuff to us like that so we can feel worth of ourselves. – Carmela

I think girls struggle with peer pressure or being fat or skinny. I’ve met people who have wanted to starve themselves just because of pressure put on them from other people. – Jillian

If you’d like to be part of our 2022 Project Beauty please reach out to us. Email us at [email protected], with 2022 Project Beauty in the subject line.